Chris Schade

Raised in the panhandle of Texas, Chris’s youth was spent farming, gardening and managing animal herds, as well as two years working at his Aunt & Uncle’s cattle ranch.

With a degree in Occupational Safety and Business Management, Chris spent many years working in the construction and mining industries, before realizing his dream to providing management and infrastructure services here at Our Red Barn Ranch his full time work.

Chris can often be found giving a tour, at community events or mentoring fiber animal owners.

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Betty “Christiann” Milne-Schade

An engineer by education, Christiann yearned to return to the life she remembered on her grandparents farm, and experience a daily life that included the creative and artistic.

An avid fan of the sustainable, durable, No Itch alpaca fiber products, she now works adding plant additions, herd management and delights in processing her own fleece, educating and mentoring others in the life and pursuits she loves.

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