Nearly 20 years ago, we were neck deep in professional business world, but yearned to more fully get back to our roots of farm/ranch life. We started with Alpacas. We learned, grew and helped those who wanted to know ‘more’ that were behind us on the journey. We made new connections, met new people, and realized, so many yearn for the opportunity to interact with animals, learn about them, even if they aren’t thinking about starting their own homestead ranch.

And little by little, every new thing we learned, built for ourselves, we had stronger urges to to share more in every way we could – to bring the peace, beauty and joy of our world, to others.

So we pulled up stakes, moved a few miles from the forested foothills of Colorado to the Eastern Plains, and we started building – our herd, our diversity of animals, our local network of other folks who feel the same way we do. All to present options to those who yearn too, sometimes in a way they don’t even know it is so, until they arrive here and experience it.

Never a dull day here – but always, the day is also blessed by so many wonderful things to behold. Now? So many travel to visit us we ask for an appointment or reservation so we can ensure, when you visit here? Your time spent with us is worthwhile.

Animals Husbandry TOPS at this place….tons of safe supervised interaction with animals


Chris and Christiann are so kind and have such fascinating stories.


…beautiful spot, friendly hosts and so many beautiful animals.


Chris Schade

Raised in the panhandle of Texas, Chris’s youth was spent farming, gardening and managing animal herds, as well as two years working at his Aunt & Uncle’s cattle ranch.

With a degree in Occupational Safety and Business Management, Chris spent many years working in the construction and mining industries, before realizing his dream to providing management and infrastructure services here at Our Red Barn Ranch his full time work.

Chris can often be found giving a tour, at community events or mentoring livestock owners.

From tours on the ranch to showing up at local businesses and events (yes, there are ‘Alpacas at the Pub’ night if you know where to be!) Chris delights in sharing his dream and vision of resiliency, partnership, collaboration and healing that can be found through interactive tours, mentoring others and daily life that revolves around the care of the animals, infrastructure needs and how to share with the others, the life he loves.

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Highly Recommended! Thanks for making our trip home such a memorable one!


Fantastic Hosts….we will be back when our travel takes us through the area


Such a great experience. The kids loved all the animals.


Betty “Christiann” Milne-Schade

An engineer by education, Christiann yearned to return to the life she remembered on her grandparents farm, and experience a daily life that included the creative and artistic.

An avid fan of the sustainable, durable, No Itch alpaca fiber products, she now works adding plant additions, herd management and delights in processing her own fleece, educating and mentoring others in the life and pursuits she loves.

Dressed to the nines in her alpaca fashions or work boots on to do chores, care for the animals, or showing others how to harvest, prep, process into the oh-so-soft fibers to create the useful and beautiful, the many sides of Christiann are just waiting for you to visit so she can share with you, all she holds dear.

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