Our homestead ranch is a diverse, inter-connected one. Full of many types of animals, each of which are suited for our area, lifestyle and fit in with the overall ‘family’ to be found here. Each with a job to do of their own. A fit, a purpose, within the web of life. Just like us.

Our job is to care for them well, and introduce others to their many gifts of food, clothing, protection, connection, healing and so much more.

Our website tries to give you a glimpse into the whys, the wherefores and the learn more – but truth be told?

Their beauty and gifts can only be fully known, by spending some time with them. Until you can come for a visit? Well…. here’s what to expect, when you make your way to our ranch. We are here waiting for you...

Alpacas, Llamas & Angora goats

All About Alpacas

Fun Facts Alpacas are a member of the camelid family, originating from South America and were first imported to the United States in 1984 Alpacas live to 15-20 years old. The oldest recorded alpaca was 27 years old. Alpacas weigh between 100-200 pounds are about 36″ high at the withers…
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Angora Goats

Hardy & Long Lived The Angora is found in historical references dating back to the time of Moses. Named after Ankara, Turkey, which was historically known as Angora, the breed now is found all around the world. Small size, hardy, long-lived, requiring minimal care, they are primarily raised for their…
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Cats & Kittens

We have a variety of barn cats that keep the rodent population under control, who also stroll around the ranch, indoors and out. Some are quick to grab some laptime, hugs and loves and some just watch you from afar, for a bit, to see if you are ‘worthy’ of…
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Dorper Sheep

Why Dorper Sheep?  Glad you asked!   As we settled into our new location on the grassland plains south of Calhan, Colorado, we knew we wanted to expand our ranch to include a variety of animals that were well suited for our area.     When researching mutton sheep, the…
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Horses and Ponies

Once we knew we wanted our ranch to be a place for others to come relax, heal, connect and learn at, we simply had to have equine offerings. And just like that! Ponies and horses in need of a new home, found their way to us. The ponies, Spirit and…
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On Guard Duty

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Farm & Families Our Livestock Guardian Dogs are of Maremma and Colorado Mountain Livestock Dog breeds. Naturally suited through their heritage to protect livestock, they are also well suited for small acreage farms filled with diverse animals, as well as farms that have small children either as visitors or family…
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