We could list out a lot of studies run that give facts regarding the healing that occurs in humans, when they are in wide open spaces, non-polluted air – no traffic to deal with – no time-clock to punch – just you, yours, the landscape around you to sit in awe of – whether it’s a night of stargazing where you can actually see the stars, or watching the storm clouds that move through the sky, providing rainbows, blazing sunsets or sunrises, or the simple rocks, soil and plants that live where we do….

We could also tell you about the changes in human physiology when petting an animal, caring for an animal or simply sitting beside one. The peace that arrives in your mind and heart. The connections to be made with animals – the inter-dependent web of love that just starts to flow between you and them, when you learn more, show up and just be your true heart self.

All we know as experienced by ourselves and our visitors is this… our ranch provides it for us and for many others who come our way to visit.

Slow Down, Enjoy, Heal

Sure, there are always things to do and places to be. The weather can change in a heartbeat. Living things need taken care of, brains in need of learning and hearts in need of mending often find their way to our door.

There will always be, for all of us, challenges to be met, obstacles to overcome.

There is always a past to heal from, a present to meet, a future to dream of and/or plan, for all of us.

A diverse group of folks make their way to our place and can’t wait to visit again…

Who Benefits from a visit to our place?

So far, here is the overview of the ever growing list:

  • Harvest Host RV’ers on their way home needing a place to stop over at
  • Individuals planning a unique ‘happy anniversary/birthday’ day trip date for two
  • Home schooling moms that need a break too, from their every day life, without hiring a babysitter
  • School teachers planning a class trip nearby
  • Caregivers for the vulnerable who struggle, physically or mentally and in need safe spot to interact without fear or overwhelm.
  • Military, Emergency & Public Service Providers who wade through the not-pretty sides of life, everyday, to protect others, in need of some quiet, peaceful, joyful times for themselves and their families.
  • FFA and 4-H members who want to learn ‘more about how-to’ on this front or that
  • Grandparents wondering what to do, close by, when the grandchildren visit
  • Local artisans in search of fibers to work into their crafts for sale or learn new crafts
  • Those raised in the corridors of our nation’s urban areas, that want to build a life for themselves, out in the country or simply ‘get out of town’ and learn more about where their food/products come from
  • …and so much more

Come Visit our Happy Place & Safe Space!

Folks who visit here, just seem to find what they need – a safe space to be, to ask questions and get answers, learn more, share some pets, nudges and loves with our animal friends, swap stories with each other, get some personal needs or gift shopping done and carry back home nutritious farm fresh food.

While we do not currently provide certified Animal Therapy or Counseling, we do offer ourselves, the gifts to be had by the landscape, our animals and one-on-one time in Pet Assisted Therapy for those in need.

We have no doubts – if we take care of our land and our animals, introduce others to our area, both its’ gifts and challenges?

Life becomes better for all – including us.