Hardy & Long Lived

The Angora is found in historical references dating back to the time of Moses. Named after Ankara, Turkey, which was historically known as Angora, the breed now is found all around the world.

Small size, hardy, long-lived, requiring minimal care, they are primarily raised for their high quality fiber, a very fine and soft mohair.

Angora goats produce between 8-12 pounds of skirted fiber, dependent upon gender and come in a variety of colors including shades of red, tans, browns as well as white, grays and black.

If one is near, I have to pet them. They are so soft!



Docile and friendly with relaxed temperament, we love having them a part of our farm tour as well as working with their luxurious fiber.


Angoras are browsers and grazers. In addition to green grasses, corns and plants, they also eat lots of roughage in form of weeds, bark or woody shrubs.

Health & Longevity

A hardy breed, the average lifespan is around or up to 10 years. Best if protected from wet conditions, especially after shearing or kidding.