If you’ve spent time at our ranch, or browsed through our pictures shared here, you’ll see lots of free range poultry weaving in and out of our daily life routines.

From grazing to eat & keep bugs under control to sitting on a human lap or shoulder for some quality time, we love the cool birds on our place!

Interactive Chicken Bus

Take one sturdy, older bus, add some chickens who need a comfy roosting spot and what do you get?

An interactive chicken bus that kids love! Sit in the ‘driver’s seat’ while learning more about what free range chicken really means, where eggs come from, why different birds are raised for different uses, why chickens roll in the dirt, and much, much more!

Meanwhile, parents can purchase farm-fresh eggs, nutritious whole or half free range chicken, to take home nourishment from their time at our ranch.

If you sit on the porch for a visit with us, take a rest during one of our tours? Don’t be surprised if one of our cool resident birds comes over to keep ya company.

And for those who wish to learn more and build their own life on a ranch, but need some mentoring? We share our skills and what we’ve learned along the way of our journey, hands on.