Farm & Families

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs are of Maremma and Colorado Mountain Livestock Dog breeds.

Naturally suited through their heritage to protect livestock, they are also well suited for small acreage farms filled with diverse animals, as well as farms that have small children either as visitors or family members.

Specifically bred to bond with other animals, they provide protection from predatory animals for livestock, humans working on agriculture or walking along a hiking trail.

We absolutely LOVE their dogs – they are the sweetest and snuggliest big dogs we have ever come across

D.L. – Harvest Hosts


Mellow in carriage and personality, our LSG dogs are alert, athletic with independence to do their job. They are well suited for active families who are in need of a breed that protects while also fitting in on a farm with animals, children and guests.


Like most herding & guarding breeds, our dogs are highly intelligent and benefit from an active lifestyle, as well early engagement and training to prevent behavior issues from pure boredom.

Health & Longevity

Large dogs by breed, the expected lifespan of both breeds ranges from 10-14 years. Proper feeding, care and engagement provides quality of life during their lifespan.