Once we knew we wanted our ranch to be a place for others to come relax, heal, connect and learn at, we simply had to have equine offerings. And just like that! Ponies and horses in need of a new home, found their way to us.

The ponies, Spirit and Napoleon, arrived. Then came Maverick, Fritz and Mouse. Some time spent with Sierra and a mustang Ebony…

Each with their own story, their own skills and talents, their own personality that reaches out to connect with us and those who visit.

What the Future Holds

While we are aware of the usual offerings of pony rides, cart rides that are often offered at places with petting zoos, we are most closely looking at the deep healing and assistance offered by our four-legged friends to those who cope with challenges everyday.

Throughout human history and companionship with animals on a heart level, there came first, the dog (yup, we have them!), then the camel (um…no camels here, but alpacas and llamas are part of that family tree!) and then the horse.

And just as we have been recipients of their strength and heart, we wish to share their gifts with others. Simply by being themselves. We, as many others have found, simply through the care and interaction with them – They bring healing and hope.

For more on this topic, please visit our page “Relax, Grow and Heal“.